Amazon Nodes is a database that represents complete categories trees of Amazon websites.
All the data is obtained by native Browse Nodes calls of Amazon Product Advertising API. 49,832 nodes, June 20, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 41,635 nodes, June 20, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 60,231 nodes, June 21, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 43,950 nodes, June 22, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 25,938 nodes, June 23, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 30,239 nodes, June 22, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 8,159 nodes, June 25, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 4,907 nodes, June 23, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19 12,094 nodes, June 24, 2017 Free Demo Order $49 / Update $19
What data does Amazon Nodes contain?
Amazon Nodes database contains the following fields:

level Level of the node in the hierarchy.
node Node identifier.
name Name of node.
parent Parent node identifier.
parents List of parent nodes in node=name expressions separated by semicolons
ancestors List of parent nodes in the primary hierarchy.
isroot Reserved for future use.
childrencount Children count of the node.

What data formats are available?
Database contains the following files (* is replaced by the marketplace domain):

*.data.csv Database in canonical CSV format (tested and compatible with MySQL):
"1","3737671","Air Conditioners & Accessories","2619526011","2619526011=Appliances","-1063498=Categories;1055398=Home & Kitchen","0","3"
"2","14554126011","Air Conditioners","3737671","3737671=Air Conditioners & Accessories;2619526011=Appliances","3206324011=Heating, Cooling & Air Quality;-1063498=Categories;1055398=Home & Kitchen","0","5"
*.data.txt Database in alternative format with values, separated by vertical bar:
1|3737671|Air Conditioners & Accessories|2619526011|2619526011=Appliances|-1063498=Categories;1055398=Home & Kitchen|0|3
2|14554126011|Air Conditioners|3737671|3737671=Air Conditioners & Accessories;2619526011=Appliances|3206324011=Heating, Cooling & Air Quality;-1063498=Categories;1055398=Home & Kitchen|0|5
*.tree.txt Structure of categories' tree represented by the name field in tabbed text format:
	Air Conditioners & Accessories
		Air Conditioners

How can I test the Amazon Nodes before order?
Just click the "Free Demo" button and download truncated trial data.
Are there examples of using?
Yes, the following website was created with Amazon Nodes database:

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